February 2010

Seeking God

Many of you know that as Jeff and I left the Philippines we were not sure of what we were going to do next. Since August we have prayed, candidated at churches, and had medical tests. It has been difficult waiting on God to let us know what direction we were to go. So many of you have prayed along side of us as we sought God’s will. Thank-you.

We believe The Lord has answered. In mid November we learned that New Zealand pastor David Burge had Leukemia. We have been requested by the New Zealand conference to come and help them during this time that David, a key leader, will be limited in his work due to treatments. They have asked us to serve as “pastors-at large,” assisting several churches and the Advent Christian conference New Zealand. We see this not only as an opportunity to help out a friend in need, but also as a chance to return the favor for all of those New Zealand believers who have helped us in our ministry in the Philippines over the years.

A Wedding!

In December, we rejoiced with our daughter, Connie, at her marriage to Stephen Shaw. Connie and Stephen are living in Lenox, Mass., and attend Hope Church.

Ain’t Life Grand

We welcomed another grandchild into our family on February 1st, Elena Sophia Hamilton made her appearance.
We have had the joy of staying with Dad (Nathan), Mom (Elizabeth) and big brother (Jeffrey) for a few days to help them adjust to the challenges of a larger family.

The McAlpin Miracle
Our home church, The McAlpin Advent Christian Church of McAlpin, Florida has experienced a great deal of growth recently under the leadership of Rev. Paul Bertolino. It is great to know that the same Holy Spirit who has helped us to minister successfully overseas is just as hard at work on the home front. We have enjoyed meeting all the new families the Lord has blessed our fellowship with.

Daughter #3

Our youngest daughter, Naomi, continues to pursue a degree in Inter-cultural Studies at Columbia Bible College, in South Carolina.

For the Lord’s direction as he has led us to a new ministry.
For allowing the New Zealand government to view us favorably, granting us work visas.
For safety as we have traveled a great deal in the past few months.
For helping our daughters adjust to life in the States.
For a great and awesome God!

Prayer Needs
For David Burge’s healing
For a safe trip to New Zealand
For clear direction from the Lord as we take up ministry positions there.
For many more years of success in the Lord’s service.
For provision of our needs, and support for Naomi at college.
For help in adjusting to another culture

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