IMG_20150220_110444My name is Jefferson Vann.  I am a Christian missionary, church elder, father of three, grandfather of five, and a very grateful citizen of God’s kingdom.

That kingdom is coming down from the sky – any day now. King Jesus will bring it with him when he returns. Are you ready for that?

I came to Christ at age 10, and have never looked back.  He has given me the joy of serving him in many ways, at many places.  Right now, I serve in New Zealand.  This blog records some of the things I have written over the past few years, and what I’m reflecting on now.

This is a new blog to replace several of my old ones, which I have retired.  From now on, anything that I do not post on my Devotions blog will be posted here.

Many thanks to Tarnya Wessels, who has archived the contents of three of my older blogs into this one.  See more of Tarnya’s handiwork at Build Your Website.

Jefferson Vann

Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand.


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