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day thirteen – (the thirteen days of Christmas)

187728Y is for YEAR that is coming to an end; one last chance to show love to a friend.

Z is for ZEAL, a passion to live; Jesus showed that his Father has a passion to forgive.


day twelve – (the thirteen days of Christmas)

187728W is for WREATH, hanging on my door; it reminds us of life, not death any more.

X is for XMAS, an abbreviation when writing; in the x the word Christ in the Greek is hiding.

day eleven – (the thirteen days of Christmas)

187728U is for UNDERSTANDING the Bible gives us; because of it we keep Christ in Christmas.

V is for VIRGIN, the miracle mother; Christ came to us unlike any other.

day ten – (the thirteen days of Christmas)

187728S is for SINGING a carol or two; we have to rejoice because the message is true.

T is for TIME we share with family and friends, celebrating Christ and honouring Him.

day nine – (the thirteen days of Christmas)

187728Q is for QUIET, that silent night, interrupted by angels shouting in glorious light.

R is for RITUAL, our family traditions; it’s OK to have them as long as we don’t miss Him.

day eight – (the thirteen days of Christmas)

187728O is for OPENING the gifts at the tree; He tore heaven open and gave us Jesus for free.

P is for PURITY, like fresh white snow; because he was sinless, he can make us so.

day seven – (the thirteen days of Christmas)

187728M is for MARY, who was chosen by grace; she was the first to see her Saviour’s face.

N is for NATIVITY, that awesome night; when our Saviour was born it was love at first sight.