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the message is ministry

IMG_0203The word gospel is usually translated “good news.” It can also be translated “excellent message.” I like that translation because it helps me to realise how important sharing the message about Christ is. There are any number of good things I can do for others as part of my ministry.  But the most important thing is to get this excellent message to them.

Mark started his Gospel with the words “This is the beginning of that excellent message about Jesus Christ (1:1).” From then on, any biography of Jesus was called a Gospel. But Mark was not using the word to indicate a new literary genre.[1] He was talking about the unique message about Jesus that John the Baptist started preaching, and he was essentially saying “now here’s my take on that excellent message.” It is like Mark was also challenging me to write a Gospel according to Jefferson Vann. Of course, I was not there to write the beginning of the message, but that message has impacted me, so I get to help pass it on.

Jesus himself preached that excellent message, and commanded others to believe it (1:14-15). To believe the message is to believe in Christ himself. You haven’t really repented unless you do. To believe that message is to take up your cross and have your soul put to death for it (8:34-35). It is worth leaving your family behind for (10:29). It’s worth more than simply liking it when someone posts it on a social network. It’s worth giving everything for.

The mission of reaching the nations with this message is so important that Jesus promises not to come back to earth until it is done (13:10). All those stories in the New Testament will be told to the whole world (14:9; 16:15) as a witness to everyone of the impact that Jesus had when he came to visit this little planet. The message includes what Jesus did and what he taught his followers to do. So, each generation needs to ask whether we are doing things that spread the message or stifle it.

Each church needs to ask a similar question. Lots of things are being done, and money spent on “missions” projects that have little to do with giving the excellent message to those who have not heard it. We used to invest lots of money in these strange animals that we called missionaries. The missionaries would leave their home country and invest themselves in the lives of people in another culture in order to get the message into that culture, and establish proclamation posts (churches) in that target culture. I know that still can happen. I am a missionary myself. But the club is not a very popular one in this generation.

Now, I know I’m being simplistic. Ministry in the name of Jesus is more than just sharing the message about Jesus. When the world looks at a church which just preaches, they see a museum exhibit with a caption underneath “archaic and soon to be extinct.” We owe it to our neighbours to love them as we love ourselves, which will mean feeding them when they are hungry, and helping them heal when they are broken. There is a lot of ministry that we can do, and we should do in the name of Christ. I think the pendulum has begun to swing back in the direction of serving others in this generation, and that is a good thing. But we should not lose sight of the message completely as we minister. The message is ministry.

[1] R.T. France, The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary on the Greek Text. (Grand Rapids: Wm B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2002), 4.


the real owner

June 2015 (27)“Even though we feel like we are the owners of our resources, it is really God who is the owner.”

Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson, The Externally Focused Life. (Kindle location 1049).

service with purpose

June 2015 (26)“Service may bring sorrow of joy to you.  It won’t always be easy. But most of all, it will provide purpose and direction to your life as you follow Jesus.”

Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson, The Externally Focused Life. (Kindle location 1013).

resisting the important

June 2015 (25)“Love people, not simply giving money or serving with projects, but by following the example of Jesus when he resisted the urge to hurry to something more important.”


Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson, The Externally Focused Life. (Kindle location 990).

raised watching

June 2015 (24)“We want our children to be raised watching how important it is to serve and appreciate others.”

Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson,  The Externally Focused Life.  (Kindle location 969).

missing out


June 2015 (23)“If giving money is all we do, then we will miss out on what it means to be a good neighbour.”

Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson, The Externally Focused Life.  (Kindle location 951).

too busy


June 2015 (22)“We sometimes limit our serving others to what fits into our daily planners.”

Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson, The Externally Focused Life.  (Kindle location 799).