Proverbs 27³ LOL


I was not doing my devotions. I just opened my Bible to read for a bit while I was waiting for my wife to join me in the car so we could go to church. My Bible just happened to open to Proverbs 27. When I read verse three, I literally laughed out loud.

A stone is heavy and sand, a burden, but aggravation from a fool outweighs them both.1

I know – you don’t get it.

Here is what you need to know. For the past few months, I have been working at a major home improvement store. I won’t tell you what store. Just suffice it to say that the aprons are orange. You figure it out.

I have been assigned to the outdoor garden department, recovery section. That means that for several months I have been hauling rocks, stone and sand on a regular basis. That stuff gets heavy. It can also be a nuisance since stones break so easily, and bags holding stones break so easily – so I am always doing cleanup. So, I can tell you whoever originated the saying that Solomon collected which eventually became Proverbs 27:3a knew what he was talking about. Stones and sand and bags of rock are heavy.

But I can also tell you from experience that I would much rather move stones and sand and rocks and dirt and mulch for the rest of my life instead of enduring “aggravation from a fool” for the rest of my life.

People who are not only wrong, but wrong at the top of their voice all the time – those are the kind of people you need to avoid.

So, what the Lord in his wisdom – and humor – was telling me this morning was this: You are sore from lifting rocks and sand so much. Imagine how sore I am from having to put up with all the stupidity there is down there on your planet.

So, back to the rocks I go this afternoon. And, hopefully I will not act like one of those stupid people whose words and actions are dumber than a bag of rocks!

1Christian Standard Bible

Author: Jefferson Vann

Jefferson Vann is pastor of Piney Grove Advent Christian Church in Delco, North Carolina. You can contact him at -- !

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