I started a new blog last month, and everyone is invited to follow it. It is a daily devotions site. Just like a daily devotions booklet, it begins with a text reference, and has a devotional thought based on the text.

These are based on my daily devotions. I begin each day with a cup of coffee, and a prayer for about 30 or so of my Facebook friends.

[ If you are on Facebook, and would like to be prayed for once a week, you can follow my Devotions blog from within Facebook. If you are not one of my friends on Facebook yet, then do a search for Jefferson Vann, and request that I add your name to my friend list.

But you do not have to be on Facebook to read the blog. You can follow it by using a bookmark on your browser, or RSS feed, of choose to follow it at the site. ]

Then I go to the ESV Bible online and read the four passages from scripture assigned to that day. Actually, I click on the word listen, and let the passage read itself. That’s a much easier way to read a lot of text first thing in the morning!

From one of the passages, I identify a key text, and write a short devotional about it. I conclude the devotional thought with a prayer. I post the text to my Devotions blog, and it is immediately reposted to Facebook. By that time I am usually out of coffee, and ready to face the world.

So this is your invitation to join me each day for Devotions. See you in the morning!