What would a Resource Site for Bible Study contain?


I’m throwing together some random thoughts today about another one of my lifetime projects that I hope to get on the web before I pop off.

I have already begun posting on my devotions site. The idea behind that one is that as I read my daily devotions each morning, I write whatever seems appropriate, and blog it.  Before long, I will have produced a running commentary of whole books of the Bible, and the idea is that some day I will have covered the whole text. At my current rate, I should complete this project in four or five years. Any time I am granted beyond that will be good for corrections and rewrites.  One useful thing that I have done is tag and categorize the posts by text and subject. That makes the site useful for searching topically as well.

Another of my lifetime projects is the completion of a systematic theology site.  This idea started as a book on systematic theology, and then I started posting each chapter as it was written.  At present I am about 2/3rds completed with that project.  Already I have found that if people ask particular doctrinal questions, I can usually refer them to a chapter or section in the blog for more detailed answers.  These posts are categorized by theological locus.

The project I am considering right now is a resource site for Bible study.  What should such a site contain? Here is a short list:

  1. Background information on each paragraph/ pericope.
  2. Word studies and translation notes on key words found.
  3. Theological summaries of key topics.
  4. Significant quotes from commentaries, etc.
  5. Suggestions as to how to apply the texts.

Did I forget something?  If you have a suggestion of something else which should be included, send a comment.

I am also thinking that the best way to do this project would be to do everything in one post per section, and to start with Genesis 1 and go through the Bible text in the given order.

I am not ready to start this project yet, because I want to plan it so that it can be accomplished without delays and revisions. I also want to have an idea of what I am going to do about titles, and what the tags and categories for such a site should be.

I am also toying with the  idea of setting it up so that others could contribute to the project. This may entail getting people to volunteer to contribute as collaborators for certain texts or sections. Or, it may just be a matter of asking people to contribute by means of comments.

The idea of a resource site is intriguing to me.  If done well, it will have the advantage over a commentary in that it would not be confined by space, and it would make the data available to the general public without cost.

If someone reading this has the idea that you might want to try putting together a resource site as well, GO FOR IT!  There is plenty of space on the web.  I look forward to seeing what happens!

Author: Jefferson Vann

Jefferson Vann is pastor of Piney Grove Advent Christian Church in Delco, North Carolina. You can contact him at marmsky@gmail.com -- !

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