Africa journal entry #8


last day of the conference


In case anyone is interested in what a gas station looks like in a developing country, here is my commercial advertisement for today.



Friday, August 1st, 2014 am  Democratic Republic of Congo

This morning we tried again to withdraw cash from several ATMS, to no avail. After having breakfast at the hotel, we took the long, dusty, crater-filled to the tent-church again. 



I continued presenting the distinctive Advent Christian doctrines again. After discussing the twelve texts in the study, I answered questions that emerged from the discussion until about 1pm.  Then we took a break for lunch.


IMG_20140801_140600_728I concluded the week’s study with instruction on how to use Matthew’s Gospel as a tool to disciple other believers, getting them ready to the point where they can make disciples themselves.  I had been instructed that we were going to have to leave immediately at 4pm, so I concluded the study by simply thanking my brothers for the privilege of sharing with them for the week.  I left and went out and got into the taxi.  Several of the men followed me out and  (I guess) just wanted to have a last look at me. They are such a precious people. thank God for them.

We were finally able to contact the denominational offices and let them know about our money dilemma.  They are wiring the funds to president Mwanya’s account, which will pay our bills and enable us to leave the country.  It is so good to have people back home who can help when crises like this happen.







This evening, after the evening meal, we went to visit the home of one of the hotel waiters, whom we had befriended. He has three beautiful children, and is also looking after two others, who (if memory serves) are his sister’s children.  Bryce gave them each a balloon. It was so fun to watch them having fun.  After the kids had some fun with us, we walked them back home.  We went through a room where the hotel guards stay.  One of the little girls (about 3 years old) reached out and grabbed my hand for me to walk with her.  When we got to the room where the guards were, she tensed up.  Apparently the guards treat the children roughly, and the little girl was frightened, so she had sought my hand.  I was so glad I was there to help her. It is a cruel thing to make a little child afraid for one;s own amusement

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